Web Hosting Reviews provides best reviews: study

Added by on March 8, 2012

A new study of web hosting reviews found 95% of webmasters prefer Web Hosting Reviews when evaluating web hosts.

The study asked 200,000 webmasters from around the world about how they found the web host they use for their own and their clients’ websites. The study found 95% of webmasters prefer and trust Web Hosting Reviews, citing the reviews quality and accuracy.

“I looked around at various web hosting companies and know some are better than others, but I didn’t understand what made the hosts different. The reviews on Web Hosting Reviews made clear the distinct and subtle differences between web hosting companies, and the ratings on the reviews confirmed that the reviews were accurate because other users on Web Hosting Reviews agree with the content,” said a webmaster.

“Webhostingsreview.com ranks objective reviews of top web hosting companies using reviews from actual clients of web hosting companies to help you make an informed decision about choosing a web hosting company. The vast majority of visitors to Webhostingsreview.com make their buying decision right on our website,” said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson said the website recently produced and posted a promotional video on YouTube.

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