New web technology might be what the music industry needs after SOPA controversy

Added by on January 26, 2012

With the prospect of the US anti-piracy SOPA law being scrapped, there is now more attention than ever being placed on how technological innovation and updated business models can work to save what may well be a dying music business model.

A London-based talent company offers a solution which they believe is win-win for everyone involved in the entertainment industry. DaBlockonline Ltd. has created a platform that offers both signed and unsigned music talent a chance to benefit from new technology. They can get recognition and earn cash in the process, but also it offers an opportunity for music companies to retool their thinking and create new products designed to increase sales and earn profits from a new segment of the marketplace.

This technology and business system developed by entertainment producer Teddy Hayes, allows record companies to create new wealth by engaging talent and monetizing their fan base in a different way rather than just by selling products to consumers. New web technology and anti-piracy concerns has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the traditional music industry business model.

“The internet has created a different behavior, mindset and consumer pattern in the same way that cassette tapes and the Walkman created a different behavior and consumer pattern in the music buyers of the 1970’s, so new way of monetizing the consumer has to be developed,” says Hayes

DaBlockonline has developed ten of what it believes to be innovative income streams for talent companies. One of the income streams come from a daily web-based music soap opera that generates revenue from viewers as well as signed and unsigned talent wanting to get their big break by appearing on the soap opera. Poppa Doc, a rapper signed to Universal Music has already appeared on Dablockonline soap opera as an actor.

DaBlockonline is the first website of its kind to create a business model that gives an income stream to talent companies as well as unsigned talent, made possible by sophisticated new web technology. The London-based company is confident that the system can be successful for both independent as well as major record companies who are in the best position to take advantage of this new technology and business model.

Hayes who is a 30 year veteran in the entertainment business says that the technology and psychology of the DaBlockonline business model acknowledges that new web technology has enabled the internet public to interact and participate online and that increasingly people are seeking to be part of the process. Consumers today are much more interactive than in the 1920’s when the existing music business model was created for a passive radio listening audience.

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