New website offers new bed bug product to fight pests

Added by on December 18, 2011

The spiralling increase in beg bugs in many major cities around the world has increased the need for a powerful yet convenient means of disposing of them, according to, an emerging informational website, towards helping the consumer in how to get rid of bed bugs.

According to a spokesperson, the site was created to educate the public about the range of solutions available to deal with the increased incidents of bed bug infestation found in hotels, campuses, and homes. The spokesperson commented, “The most important bed bug killer is the bed bug spray and associated products offered on the site”.

The insect plague, once thought to have once eliminated by intense spraying of major cities in the 1940’s and 1950’s, has returned with a vengeance in the last decade. “I woke up one day and found a small bed bug walking on my bed, I heard all the news about bed bugs quickly infesting homes,” writes Jeffrey H. in a testimonial. “So without hesitation I looked for a way to kill these bugs and I found you guys. So far no sight of bugs, I still keep some of the powder on in case they ever do show up.” The site suggests using such agents to kill bed bugs is a good first line of defence, to avoid immediate problems from bug bites. says it also believes that in providing an effective bed bug spray on, consumers will benefit both from relief from pest problems, and the self empowerment it gives them to relieve themselves of the bugs directly. Many similar sites emphasize using a professional pest extermination company, which is useless for dealing with a pest issue on the road with regard to hotels or camping. According to the company, as part of the self-help educational function of the campaign, the site not only sells products but offers two major overviews – one on bed bugs themselves, and a second on how to kill bed bugs, step by step.

The website’s spokesperson explained, “The removal of pests must be a conscious and fully engaged effort by the consumer, whether they are using the bed bug spray recommended by the site, or a professional company, or both together. Authorities do not consider bed bugs to be a critical health issue, yet they are a pain and annoyance to most people in any event. Using the products of can be one frontline defense for mobile individuals who would like the simplicity of a bed bug spray at their disposal.”

For more information contact the company at its web site at or call toll free in the US: 888-705-6746