Samsung Galaxy Tab Expected to Sell 1 Million Units by 2011

Added by on November 6, 2010

Samsung Electronics has launched its own tablet computer for domestic market with a target of a million sales all over the world by the end of 2010.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

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The product is available in different sizes and seeks to challenge Apple iPads’ monopoly in the market. The President spoke of good response from SE Asia and Europe.

The device is 3 inches smaller than the iPad which makes it easier for users to hold and carry it.

It will be available in South Korea next week through its largest wireless operator and will be sold before iPad is released in South Korea.

Samsung was the first to introduce tablet computer in Germany and US after iPads’ global release in January.

The device is based on Google’s Android operating system with cameras on front and rear and the capacity to make phone and video calls. It also offers access to sites that use Adobe Flash.

Samsung’s release may be a gamble considering LG Electronics, the 3rd biggest global handset manufacturer had deferred its 8.9 inch tablet device preferring a more stable and reliable version of Android. LG rejected Android 2.2.

This operating system known as Froyo has been used in Samsung. It remains to be seen whether LG’s decision in delaying the release of its tablet device was right or not.

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