Stressed with Planning a Wedding? Attend Seminar on Stress-Free Nuptials

Added by on November 15, 2010

Princess Wedding, a company that offers consultancies on wedding, together with wedding planning and coordination, announced this month that it will start holding monthly seminars that will be directed towards people who want to learn how to combat stress when their planning a wedding.

Individuals who could attend these seminars may be wedding planners, coordinators, caterers, brides and grooms, maids of honors, and anyone who will attend or be near a wedding planning in the near or distant future.

The monthly seminars are said to help attendees overcome stress that people get when getting married, planning a wedding or simply attending one and helping out with small bits of planning this holy union.

The seminars will be entitled “Planning a Stress Free Wedding” and will be some sort of a preparation or training. Attendees are said to receive practical guidance about how to go around each and every detail with regard to the wedding, from the biggest ones such as the venue and down to the tiniest one.

To prove this in-depth training, the seminar’s organizers have called it a seminar ‘from proposal to “I Do”’.

The seminar will be held each month and will address topics such as “Understanding your bridal personality”, “Building your bridal dream team”, “How to relax and not be a ‘Bridezilla’”.

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