Verizon to Launch New Wireless Data Service This Weekend

Added by on November 3, 2010

Verizon announced that it plans to launch a new wireless data service which will have higher speed, being as ten times faster than the wireless service it currently offers. Verizon Wireless’ new service will be launched on Sunday, November 4.

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The new service offered by Verizon Wireless, a joint-venture between Vodafone Group and Verizon Communications, will be called 4G LTE and the monthly starting price will amount $50.

Since the number of smartphone and tablet users is constantly increasing and because these consumers use the internet on these devices to download videos and music or stream it, the new wireless standard offered by Verizon Wireless, the 4G LTE, will allow users to benefit even more from the web on their modern devices at a smoother and faster speed.

Verizon Wireless announced on Wednesday the consumers will be able to benefit from the 4G LTE service with a monthly plan of $50, which includes a download of 5 gigabytes, and a monthly plan of $80, which allows 10 gigabytes to be downloaded.

The company’s previous 3G service is not charged at $60 for 5 gigabytes. Verizon Wireless stated that by offering the new 4G LTE service at a lower price, it expects consumers to purchase the monthly plan that includes 10 gigabytes.

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