2013 America’s Cup to Visit San Francisco Waters

Added by on December 22, 2010

The biggest tournament in sailing, Americar’s Cup is coming to San Francisco. A silicon valley billionaire is giving San Francisco its first opportunity to hosts this event in 2013.

Richard Worth, the chairman of the Event authority for the Cup promised to showcase the best sailors from all over the world in a competition that will involve the fastest boats.

Choosing the specific venue will be placed in the hands of Larry Ellison, who is the CEO of Oracle. The 34th version of the Cup will be held in the venue decided by the individual whose team won the event in Spain in 2010. This is in accordance with the traditional rule of America’s cups where the winners enjoy the right to choose the next location.

The Mayor of San Francisco spoke of the wonderful employment opportunities that the event will offer and also spoke of a billion dollar boost to the economy. He also emphasized on working to transform the experience that spectators have had with America’s Cup in the past.

Spectators and sailors will enjoy a view of landmarks like Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf even as they participate in this major event.

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