Decisions on Olympics Changes Could be Made Today by IOC

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A series of proposals have been forwarded on Sunday to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which could change the Olympics in the future.

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Concerns over the impact that fireworks have on the environment had lead to a proposal that could push out the door the amazing fireworks that had become a tradition before and after the Olympics.

Another change could consist in allowing women to participate in sky jumping, this being the only event that allows only men to compete. This proposal could end the battle for genders-equity in sporting fields at the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee is expected to take a decision on Monday. This is the day that IOC’s board of executives will be meeting to discuss the programme for the Sochi Winter Olympics that will be held in 2014.

The IOC meeting will take place in Acapulco as executives attended a gathering of the National Olympic Committee.

The fireworks proposal was made by the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka, as President Hemasiri Fernando said that it’s their responsibility to protect the earth and that the fireworks spread polluting toxins in the water and on the ground, significantly impacting the environment.

Although the fireworks have been part of the Olympics for quite some time, IOC has been seen willing to change the so-called tradition.

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