Nyad Cancels Swim from Cuba to Florida Due to Bad Weather

Added by on October 17, 2010

Diana Nyad, an experienced long-distance swimmer said on Friday that she was canceling her 100 miles swim that she was planning to start in Cuba and end in Florida. She said that she was forced to scrub off the treacherous swim as a result of bad weather.

Back in 1978, Nyad, now 61, had attempted the same swim but was unable to finish it, still due to bad weather. Nyad who retired from her swimming career came out with an ambition to finish what she had started but is now forced to cancel again due to weather conditions.

The swim from Cuba to Florida would last about 65 hours. If she were to go all the way and finish the swim, Nyad would break her own record. She now has plans to go ahead with it during the next summer.

The veteran long-distance swimmer said that she had intended to make the swim by July this year but there was a delay by the government to complete the required paper work.  She also said that the weather was not on her side causing even more delays.

The swimmer went back to her home in Los Angeles last Thursday after she decided that summer was the perfect time to break her record.

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