Team Radio Shack Can Only Become Better With McEwen’s Inclusion- Lance Armstrong

Added by on January 15, 2011

Lance Armstrong admitted that his performance has suffered with growing age but was confident of his team’s future success with inclusion of Australian sprinter Robby McEwen.


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The 39 year old expressed confidence over the success of his team Radio Shack in future events as well.

The seven time champion of the Tour De France admitted in an interview in South Australia that his age was becoming a factor in performance despite his desire and hope that it would not be the case. This is the reason why Robbie’s inclusion in the team was a very good thing, he emphasized.

He spoke of not just performance of the race team but also performance of individuals as they will gain by having the top sprinter in the group.

Armstrong who expressed satisfaction at his contribution to the sport and sought to emphasize on future prospects instead of focusing on past mistakes. He said that he never was an individual who would sit back and introspect over the past. Rather, he said he preferred focusing on the future and its bigger goals and prospects.

He also admitted that his performance raised many questions and his achievements were often treated with suspicion. He pointed out that there was nothing he could do about it and hence chose to ignore it.

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