WADA Puts Brazil and Russia on the Spot on Anti Doping

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World’s Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has placed Russia and Brazil under microscope ahead of the world’s biggest sporting events. This report was given by WADA on Wednesday.

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Sochi is set to host winter Olympics in the year 2014, while Rio de Janeiro will host summer games in the year 2016. David Howman, WADA’s general director said that these two countries need their anti-doping programs beefed up to avoid problems.

Jacques Rogge, president of International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that there had been a rise in the number of athletes from Russia on dope.

Howman stated that their main concern is the fact that Russia is a big country yet their laboratories are not in their best conditions. He also said that there are many training camps all over the country that are really hard to get to and anti-doping officers may have a hard time gaining access.

Howman’s remarks towards Moscow’s laboratories have come as a surprise to many as this is one of WADA’s 34 laboratories that are approved.

The Russian Olympic intends to construct a lab that will assist WADA carry out anti-doping programs effectively.

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