WBC: Document to Protect Boxer’s Safety

Added by on November 3, 2010

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has initiated steps to prevent fight organizers from exploiting boxers.

The council intends to achieve this goal by creating a document specifying detailed information about the fighter including physical features, injuries, experience and the total rounds that the boxer has participated in.

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The president of World Boxing Council spoke of the importance of this document which would be equal to the passport of the boxer.

The details contained in the document will be more than sufficient to determine the quality, skill and medical history of the boxer.

The council intends to make the document applicable to all 164 nations affiliated to it.

The implementation and enforcement of the document would be in the hands of boxing commissions. The council’s president stated that the biggest advantage of this approach would be prevention of mismatches.

There have been instances of boxers without sufficient authorization or medical tests taking part in fights and bouts. The 35-years old president of WBC said that the document can put this to an end.

The disregard for boxing rules like pitting boxers of the same classification leads to more injuries, which creates a vicious circle. This document should be more than sufficient in helping boxing become safer. The president is also credited with introducing different measures to make boxing safer.

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