Amazing Ecosystem of Gabon Protected in Africa

Added by on September 22, 2010

Gabon is the magic word for tourists that are looking for a great eco destination. Gabon has the most national parks from all over Africa and the country’s tropical rainforest is a true delight. Ever since 2002, when the environmental devastation in Gabon came to an end, more than ten per cent of the country was transformed into national parks that can be admired today.

Gabon’s capital city, Libreville, has some amazing mangrove shorelines together with sunny beaches and swamps. These are the biggest mangrove forests that are included in some national parks and protected in Africa. Mangroves provide a great ecosystem for wildlife and the highest population of birds can be found in Akanda. Gabon’s botany is also widespread, therefore tourists that have plants as a hobby will be satisfied with what they can see in this country.

At south of Gabon’s capital there is the Pongara National Park which can only be reached by pirogue and boat. At Pongara tourists can observe a large population of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. However, the park was not created for the chimpanzees, but for leatherback turtles that come to these beaches to lay their eggs from January to March, when it’s nesting season for turtles.