Chinese Travel Destinations Derailed by Snow and Freezing Rain

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The Chinese state media reports issued on Sunday indicated that travelers who intended to hit the road in order to arrive at their destinations before the Lunar New Year might face issues because of freezing rain, iced roads and snow.

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Officials of country announced that they anticipated the number of holiday travelers which would travel to their home town by rail this year to be as high as 230 million.

This expected number shows an increase of 12.5 per cent when compared to last year, same city officials stated as quoted by the China Daily.

The Chinese National Meteorological Center, on the other hand, warned that parts of the country which aren’t used to extreme weather, such as the southern China, will see yet another wave of inclement weather this winter.

For the next three days, freezing rains will hit southern Hunan, Guangxi and nearly entirely Guizhou. Yunnan, Hunan, Tibet and Guizhou, however, are also expected to see heavy show falls.

The same forecasts indicated that the Qinghai province and the area along the Yangtze River will also experience both freezing rain and snowfall during the next three days.

Although the Spring Festival is scheduled to begin on February 3, most people travel back to their home town early in order to avoid the crowded roads and rails.

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