Climbing Adventure: the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Added by on November 24, 2010

For travelers who love adventure, Sydney might just be that perfect adventurous destination they’ve been looking for. Sydney’s Harbour Bridge was included in Lonely Planet’s “Top 10 Things to Climb”, and the reason for this is more than obvious.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

Image by wilf2 via Flickr

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, also known as the Coathanger by Sydney residents, is one of the biggest attractions in the world. The bridge goes no less than 134 meters above the sea, and apart from providing tourists with a great adventure and a rush of adrenaline, it also offers a magnificent view of the Australian city, Sydney.

There are a few types of climbs offered by BridgeClimb for tourists who want to take on this adventure.

The Bridge Climb lasts for three hours and a half and takes tourists to the summit, through ladders and catwalks on the outer arch of the bridge. The Bridge Climb is coordinated only by professional Climb Leaders and is directed towards groups no bigger than 14 people.

The Discovery Climb is also for groups of up to 14 people, but the climb is done through the bridge’s inner arch. This type of climb promises climbers to take them into the heart of this masterpiece of steel engineering, while also facilitating amazing sights to be seen once the summit of the bridge is reached, through the immense staircase located between the bridge’s two arches.

Other types of climbs are The Wedding Climb and the Express climb, with prices varying depending on the time of day during which the climbs are done.

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