Famous Medical Tourism Experience in Cali, Latin America

Added by on September 9, 2010

Cali has been representing a luring destination for medical tourism experiences for a few years now. Cali is mostly famous for both reasonable prices and high quality plastic surgeries and prestigious medical centers.  Any tourist from all around the world can visit Latin America and Cali, but not just as a tourist, but as a participant in the ‘tours of health and beauty’. Some plastic surgery clinics in Cali are offering medical tourism plans and this intention has been greeted with open arms by people all over the globe.

Most surgeons that perform plastic surgery in Cali are members of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, so locals as well as tourists stated that they feel their putting their beauty into the right hands. Moreover, as a Cali tourist there are some benefits such as a free suite, city tours, meals, airport reception and transfer, mobile phone usage, laundry and internet services, and last but not least, post-operative services.

Cali is seen as the real deal when considered not only the city, but the plastic surgery offers as well. Compared to prices in the US and Europe, medical tourism in Latin America can lead to saving almost half of the overall price one would normally pay elsewhere.