Google Street Views Influence Major Holiday and Relocation Decisions

Added by on October 9, 2010

A new study undertaken by, a reputed coupon code site, reveals that about 10 percent people prefer Google Street View to select their vacation destinations. 56 percent use the maps to move houses or relocate to a new area.

This survey was conducted across 6,286 Americans and 1,287 British people to find ways in which they plan savings on holidays.

Popularity of Google Street Views is higher among Americans than among Brits. 75 percent of Americans compared to only 9 percent of Brits use this service. 34 percent of the surveyed Americans said that they checked Google Street View to decide on vacation destination.

21 percent of them said that the service provided them with an idea about the place and 42 percent said that the site provided information on economy of the holiday and if it would be value for money. And 51 percent said that they could compare the locations and prices to make an informed decision.

People also use the Google Street View to check on the weather and often reused the service because they knew what to expect from the holiday trip. Some use the site to look up celebrity homes and even 16 percent go to the site to check if they could spot themselves in their own homes. said that Google has become a brand big enough to influence major decisions taken by people. However they went on to say that Google might help people with information on locations, but the pictures can be misleading at times and should not be the only decision making criteria.

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