Jamaica: Great Sites, Rich Culture and Astounding History

Added by on October 17, 2010

Although there has been a security situation in Jamaica due to civilian turmoil seen in the recently, Jamaica is still a great travel destination. Jamaica is located in the center of the Caribbean, being pretty much the same as the rest of the islands surrounding it, while boasting of a rich culture and history.

Jake's, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Image by BitHead via Flickr

Apart from the friendly locals, Jamaica has a lot more to offer its visitors. The reefs and the Blue Mountains are just but a few of the sites tourists get to take a glimpse at together with the chance of getting a first-hand experience.

The Runaway Bay provides great diving sports for travelers who are into more extreme activities, while the Treasure Beach serves as a great resting spot.

There are also many hiking spots where tourists get the chance to feel the outdoors in the most unique way. Over the years, Jamaica has proven to be a great destination for a variety of tourists from different regions and with different likes.

This is where African connection is best felt, Kingston being where slave trade used to take place in the days of colonialism. With a very rich history and sites to die for, Jamaica is simply one of the places you must visit.

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