Orbitz Insider Lists Top 10 Ski Destinations for Early Skiing Enthusiasts

Added by on November 4, 2010

With winter being just around the corner, Orbitz has shared its top destinations giving an opportunity for skiing and snowboarding lovers to get their hands on a pre-season adventure.

Lake Tahoe on the Nevada, California border

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Orbitz revealed its top ten destinations that are perfect for early skiing. Even beginners can have lots of fun shopping and exploring in these destinations.

The top 10 list offers details of ski resorts, spas, shopping outlets, wellness clinics, night life info and even mountain biking and hiking pursuit options.

Lake Tahoe has been an old favorite for early timers. Colorado is the most popular state with 5 destinations in the top 10.

Breckenridge comes next with 3 destinations. A few non US sites have also been included. Northeast regions remain unrepresented because even the first snow will fall in the full winter season.

Lake Tahoe is good for cold as well as sunshine. Lots of snow and numerous resorts make it a good choice. On the other hand, Breckenridge is a good destination due to its ambience and holiday spirit.

It is also is recommended for lodging facilities and winter activities. Steamboat, however, got marks for its bars and eateries while Park City is ranked high due to presence of 3 world class resorts for skiing.

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