Three Days in Barcelona for the Travel Guide Photography Workshop

Added by on September 1, 2010 is organizing a three-day workshop with regard to travel guide photography in Barcelona. At this workshop, experts in travel photography will unite to share experiences they’ve had with any type of digital travel photo topic, from architectural to landscape and nature photography.

Workshops participants will be challenged to look for unique aspects of travel guide photography. They’ll also have to both choose and use the right type of photo equipment and learn about photography workflow and processing techniques that are applied in today’s modern and high tech photo studios.

Participants at the workshop will be given challenges and test assignments on a variety of iconic Barcelona themes such as Gaudi masterpieces, Barcelona parks, beaches, drinking fountains, human statues, food markets and many others. The best photo albums that will be presented by participants at the end of the travel photography workshop in Barcelona will be published online at

The Barcelona workshop is sponsored by, that is, as the name states, a photo studio which specializes in technology and science events, trade shows and conferences.  Similar previous workshops were held in Acre, Jerusalem and Barcelona and had a high rate of success. The workshop is an invite-only event that addresses experts in travel guide photography to meet and share their experience.