Top 3 of 41 Places to Go In 2011 by the New York Times

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According to New York Times’ top travel destinations for 2011, Santiago de Chile is the best place to visit in 2011, as the country has successfully recovered from the aftereffects of 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

Santiago, Chile, 2004-12-25.

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The earthquake and subsequent reconstruction activities have helped convert the buttoned up city into a more open and accessible tourism option. The city has many new museums, hotels and restaurants.

This city has been chosen as the first foreign city for hosting the 20 year old American Music festival – Lollapalooza. The open space in the city combined with the local liking for music makes it the perfect spot for the fun event.

San Juan Islands in Wash come second for its fantastic dining options. The tourists can enjoy gourmet food even as they take in the breathtakingly wonderful scenery and landscapes.

The active land preservations efforts are offering results and tourists have more and more to explore every time they come here. The San Juan Island National Historic Park has grown by 312 acres in the last year alone.

The third must visit spot in 2011 is Koh Samui in Thailand. This island is the third biggest island in Thailand but has always been overshadowed by more glamorous Phuket. However, it is now emerging as a quieter and better alternative to the now crowded Phuket.

The opening of the W Retreat Koh Samui with a private beach on the northern shore of the island makes it host to one of the most chic hotel brands in South East Asia.

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