Travel the World as a TV Show Host

Added by on September 8, 2010

An upcoming traveling TV show is looking for a host with or without acting experience through a competition entitled ’52 Weeks Paid Vacation’. The upcoming TV series ‘Paradise Hunter’ seeks an individual that is able to be the host of the show and that loves to travel. The TV series is set to showcase different worldwide destinations in each episode and the host will present and learn about the culture, lifestyle, habits and specific sights of each and every showcased country.

The purpose of the TV series is to show the world that every country has its own paradise. In the search of this paradise, the winning individual that will host the show will meet both locals and expatriates and learn more about the country. No experience is necessary and candidates from all over the world are welcome to apply and win the grand prize of hosting this upcoming TV series. Apart from becoming a TV host, the winner will also receive an annual salary amounting $60,000 and get to pick ‘their own piece of paradise’, worth up to $150,000, at the end of the show after visiting many amazing countries.

‘It really is the opportunity of a lifetime. To be paid to travel to these incredible places is a dream job, but to also get a free property from anywhere in the world – that could be life changing. Our host will truly be hunting for their paradise‘, said Dennis Kambeitz, CEO and founder of Paradise Hunter.